Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Your buildings are more than just square feet.

Large scale building maintenance is only successful if the team behind its care is capable, educated, and skilled. As your trusted partner, you can rest assured that Advanced is aware and dedicated to your precise needs. From surgical rooms to lecture halls, your essential spaces are our top priority.

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Hospitals and Medical Facilities

In high stress, live-saving environments, the last thing you need is your building getting in the way of healing.

Advanced has created specialized processes which ensures the utmost cleanliness and sterile surfaces, every time.

Your dedicated maintenance and care team will suggest areas for improving surfaces such as applying non-slip or anti-microbial coatings which aid in an employee, visitor, and patient wellness.

Everything from your waiting rooms, break areas, surgical theaters, and patient recovery floors will remain safe and properly maintained.

Corporate Offices and Government Buildings

Building better business means working in a better building. Keeping your employees’ spaces safe and clean has been shown to increase focus, morale, and retention.

This can be attained easily through the hard work of your dedicated Advanced support and care team. With as little disruption as possible, Advanced will keep your floors, furniture, surfaces, walls, and spaces in pristine condition. Creating lasting building longevity and a return on investment you can be proud of.

Education Campuses

The students you teach and the teachers you serve deserve spaces and environments that remain clean, well maintained, and comfortable regardless of unexpected cuts and fiscal year limitations.

Your dedicated Advanced support and care team will create a custom care plan which ensures return on investment in the spaces you’ve created, longevity out of the surfaces you work with, and safety in the places you teach. Your friendly maintenance crew will blend in seamlessly between K-12 hallways, dorms, and prestigious lecture halls.

Retail Spaces and Casinos

Keeping your surfaces and entertainment areas clean allows patrons to enjoy their experiences unencumbered and it preserves your brand integrity.

Winning that jackpot, scoring the perfect dress for Friday night, or shipping eCommerce merchandise should be done with a shiny, clean, and safe backdrop.

As a business owner, your number one concern is creating a better user experience. Let Advanced take care of those specially designed interiors, surfaces, and equipment so you can focus on creating a better business.

Food and Beverage Manufacturers

From large-scale manufacturer warehouses and spaces to front-end food service, your Advanced support and care team knows the health and safety of the surfaces and environments you work on need to be expertly cleaned and sanitized.

To help ensure public safety, Advanced will create a custom care plan for your facility which accurately anticipates possible health risks and keeps machine and surface longevity in mind all while providing the best environment for employee and patron comfort.

Construction and Disaster Clean Up

Advanced knows that lingering debris from construction or unexpected disasters can cost not only time and money but the health, safety, and comfort of your buildings and employees.

Whether you are expanding to accommodate demand or experience a disaster, your dedicated Advanced support and care team will develop a custom care plan to recover mission-critical equipment and surfaces, clear debris or waste, and restore the health and integrity of your building.

Results you can see and feel

Surface longevity starts with experience in over ten major industries.

Those first impressions can happen every Monday as you enter the office, when meeting new clients, taking care of your patrons, or welcoming local leaders.

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