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Cleaning Techs: The Reliable Friends of Every Workspace

In the cleaning world, front-line staff are called by many names: janitors, housekeepers, cleaning techs, and more. At Advanced Building Maintenance, Inc., we prefer to think of them as friends. Our team of Cleaning Techs plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe and clean environment, and their contributions often go unrecognized.

Our Cleaning Techs are on the front lines of infection control, diligently cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, common areas, and workspaces. Their work reduces the risk of spreading illnesses and ensures a healthy environment for everyone. A clean environment directly impacts the well-being and comfort of those who use the space. Our Cleaning Techs help create a welcoming and safe atmosphere that can positively affect productivity and satisfaction.

By maintaining clean workspaces, our Cleaning Techs enable employees and visitors to focus on their tasks without worrying about hygiene and sanitation issues. We train our staff to treat all employees as if they are loved ones at home. Cleaning Techs are often the first to respond to spills, accidents, and other emergencies that require immediate attention to ensure safety and hygiene.

The job is physically demanding, requiring long hours of standing, bending, and lifting. Providing comfortable break spaces and honoring their full break times is essential to quality work. Cleaning Techs are frequently exposed to potentially hazardous materials, including sharp objects and harsh cleaning chemicals. It is imperative that all staff know where to find Safety Data Sheets and the nearest eye wash stations. Working in various settings means Cleaning Techs often witness distressing situations, which can be emotionally taxing. Being understanding of emotional trauma helps foster long-lasting team members. Despite their critical role, Cleaning Techs often do not receive the recognition or appreciation they deserve. Finding ways to celebrate individual and team achievements is important, such as weekly celebrations and recognition programs.

Implementing formal recognition programs within our company can highlight the valuable work of our Cleaning Techs. Recognition boards with compliments, weekly or monthly drawings with prizes, and handwritten personal notes from managers go a long way. Ensuring fair wages and benefits for Cleaning Techs acknowledges their critical role and improves their quality of life. Offering retention bonuses, referral bonuses, and incentive work helps motivate our team. Providing opportunities for further training and career advancement helps Cleaning Techs feel valued and respected. Investing in certifications, such as the Certified Hospital Environmental Services Technician (CHEST), and specialty training benefits both our team and our clients.

Cleaning Techs are essential to the functioning and safety of any facility. The work they perform is taxing both physically and emotionally, yet their contributions ensure that everyone can enjoy a clean and safe environment. At Advanced Building Maintenance, we are proud of our Cleaning Tech team and their dedication. Join us in recognizing the effort and commitment given by these unsung heroes. Their work is crucial for maintaining a well-functioning, safe workspace, much like a good friend would.